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• Was Jack Daniel’s invented in Wales?

Was Jack Daniel’s invented in Wales?

A Welsh businessman believes he has found the original recipe for Jack Daniel’s whiskey in a book of herbal remedies. Mark Evans was researching his family history when he discovered the recipe in an old book of herbal remedies written in 1853 by his great-great grandmother, a local herbalist in Llanelli called Mrs Daniel. Her […]

• U.S. whiskey makers push for bigger taste

U.S. whiskey makers push for bigger taste

Distilleries are adding an entrepreneurial flavor to a burgeoning home-grown industry that is rolling out more sophisticated products to lift its sales. In Loretto, Kentucky, Greg Davis, of Maker’s Mark, carries on an old family tradition of making bourbon with red winter wheat to stimulate taste buds in the front of the mouth. In Lynchburg, […]