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• Congrats! Gastropub, Craft Beer Added to Dictionary

Congrats! Gastropub, Craft Beer Added to Dictionary

Every year, Merriam-Webster updates its Collegiate Dictionary — you know, that big book of words you referenced every once in a great while, in the era before Google — with words that, for better or worse, have become part of our lexicon. According to the Associated Press, Merriam-Webster adds about 100 such words to its […]

• Mixologist Doesn't Fly

Mixologist Doesn't Fly

“When I walk into a SoHo gallery, I expect to be snubbed. One look at my shoe-handbag combo and even the intern knows I can’t afford the art. At an alt-rock show in Williamsburg, I am game for shame at the door. I’m not that young anymore, and all my piercings are hidden. Basically, if […]