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• World’s Oldest Winery Releases Its 800th Vintage

World’s Oldest Winery Releases Its 800th Vintage

I love wine. I love wine with food. I also love wine with history. This fall, the great wine estate of Schloss Vollrads, in the heart of Germany’s prestigious Rheingau region, is offering the opportunity to enjoy all three delights… simultaneously and palpably. Though early records are understandably muddy everywhere… one can say with a […]

• Not your grandfather’s grappa

Not your grandfather’s grappa

If you think of grappa as a harsh after-dinner drink you have to swill down quickly as a shot, it’s time to re-explore this distilled spirit, made from the pomace of wine grapes. New World producers are refining the spirit into something wholly enjoyable and diverse, an effective digestif that can also be paired throughout […]

• The Hops Ceiling

The Hops Ceiling

Women in craft brewing are challenging the stereotype of the brawny brewmaster. Ask someone to imagine a brewmaster and the image that may come to mind is a barrel-chested fellow in overalls, maybe even lederhosen. Brewing is currently seen as a male field, but it wasn’t always this way. What’s believed to be the world’s […]

• Todd English Trifecta Forms Perfect Shitshow Wine List

Todd English Trifecta Forms Perfect Shitshow Wine List

In the wake of yesterday’s chronicle of the unique TE brand of shitshow, I dug deep for answers to questions like: “How?” I even began to wonder while surfing the Ça Va website whether or not Todd’s lifesize cameo on the homepage could actually be a portal into another universe, his eyes offering access to […]

• Cooks discover the distinctive flavors of traditional grappa, limoncello

Cooks discover the distinctive flavors of traditional grappa, limoncello

Grappa is generally thought of as firewater, 90-proof rocket fuel. The spirit, which originated in southern Italy and Sicily in the Middle Ages, has been described as the cheap and portable form of central heating for peasants. Fermented from the dregs of the wine-making process — seeds, pulp, skin and stems — it traditionally was scorned […]

• Premier crus return to Beaujolais

Premier crus return to Beaujolais

The potential of Beaujolais’ crus and terroirs and the return of “lieux-dits” has tempted Burgundian producer Vincent Girardin to purchase an estate in the region. La Tour du Bief, which dates back to the Middle Ages and is located in Chénas, includes some of the best vineyard plots in nearby Moulin à Vent. Speaking to […]

• British Pubs On Deathbed

British Pubs On Deathbed

The British pub, in some form or another has flourished, selling warm beer and lousy food, since a couple of thousand years BC. Beer was regarded rightly as a food for the Gods and the working classes. In the Middle Ages, you could sell your own beer out the back door, if you had one, […]