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• Glenfiddich tastes whiskey atop Mount Everest!

Glenfiddich tastes whiskey atop Mount Everest!

Glenfiddich seems to grab attention to charitable causes like ‘Glenfiddich for Haiti victims’ special edition bottle in the past, but now are now working for the Walking with the Wounded Everest 2012 expedition, which is about a fundraising challenge for the wounded personnel of the defense forces. The event will have 4 adventure mountaineers, 1 […]

• Astonishing Alpine Beer

Astonishing Alpine Beer

A great day comes along every once in a while and the circumstances can vary from, say, having a baby to winning the lottery, or even having a day where nothing remarkable happens and all is calm which itself makes it a great day. Then there are days when a sock-it-to-me unexpected surprise surfs over […]