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• The Top 10 American Whiskey Distilleries To Tour Now

The Top 10 American Whiskey Distilleries To Tour Now

On the rocks, neat or with splash of spring water—instead of ordering your favorite pour from a bartender, why not taste whiskey straight from the source? We combed through hundreds of facilities across the country and picked the top 10 American whiskey distilleries that merit a visit right now. Don’t live near Kentucky’s Bourbon County? […]

• George Washington’s other legacy: whiskey

George Washington’s other legacy: whiskey

“Distillery is a business I am entirely unacquainted with,” wrote George Washington to James Anderson, his Scotland-born plantation manager at Mount Vernon, “but from your knowledge of it and from the confidence you have in the profit to be derived from the establishment, I am disposed to enter upon one.” As if Washington didn’t have […]

• Rye whiskey was once synonymous with Maryland

Rye whiskey was once synonymous with Maryland

Blackwater Distilling is set to begin bottling Sloop Betty vodka in Stevensville next month, marking the resumption after nearly 30 years of the proud tradition of distilling spirits in Maryland. “There’s something about bringing that industry back that means something,” Christopher Cook, a partner with his brother Jonathan in Blackwater, told Baltimore Sun reporter Jill […]

• Thomas Jefferson’s Beer Makes A Comeback On President’s Day

Thomas Jefferson’s Beer Makes A Comeback On President’s Day

The thing about America is that it was founded by not just politicians. Our founding fathers were a lot more than that. They were multi-talented Renaissance men. Their talent and interest stretched out into various topics, even into the complicated art of wine and drink making. Former president George Washington distilled both brandy and whiskey […]

• Distillers recreating Washington's peach brandy

Distillers recreating Washington's peach brandy

George Washington may be best known as a general and statesman, but this week a group of experts was more interested in another one of the first president’s talents: making peach brandy. In a reconstructed distillery at Washington’s Mount Vernon estate, a group from around the country spent Tuesday trying to recreate Washington’s drink. They […]