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• Moscato Madness: The Dessert Wine’s Sweet Surge

Moscato Madness: The Dessert Wine’s Sweet Surge

In the U.S., wine drinking has held its own during these hard economic times, and even grown in some unlikely corners. Moscato, for example, the Italian dessert wine, has gone from relative obscurity to the toast of the town. Hip-hop singer Drake, in his song “Do It Now,” gives it a shout-out. It’s also the […]

• The aromatic joys of moscato

The aromatic joys of moscato

With its floral perfume, muscat can be tremendously seductive. I long have been a fan of these wines, which often go by the Italian name moscato. I just can’t get enough of those aromas. But I never envisioned muscat/moscato becoming the next big thing for U.S. wine drinkers. Sales of domestic and imported muscat are […]