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• Bronze Age “microbrewery” uncovered

Bronze Age “microbrewery” uncovered

Archaeologists working in western Cyprus have uncovered a Bronze Age “microbrewery”. The team excavated a mud-plaster domed structure, which it says was used as a kiln to dry malt and make beer 3,500 years ago. The discovery also included “juglets”, which the team thinks would have been used to help created beers of different flavours. […]

• Forget About Church & State. Now It's Church & Beer. Amen.

Forget About Church & State. Now It's Church & Beer. Amen.

You may not think of beer as a religious beverage, but you’d be wrong. A beer maker in Lancaster has teamed up with a church to brew some heavenly suds. Rev. David Peck, who holds Sunday sermons at the St. James Episcopal Church, is also a craft ale connoisseur. Peck and Iron Hill brew master […]