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• Paul Hobbs Launches Cahors Malbec Venture

Paul Hobbs Launches Cahors Malbec Venture

Wine consultant and Argentine Malbec pioneer Paul Hobbs has launched the result of a new project with this variety in its native Cahors. Crocus Malbec de Cahors is a partnership with Bertrand Vigouroux, who has worked with Hobbs since the 2009 vintage on the winemaking at his family estate in Cahors, Château de Mercuès. Taking […]

Want to take a masterclass from Robert Parker?

Want to take a masterclass from Robert Parker?

With The Wine Advocate now under Asian ownership, Robert Parker will kick off his “Grand World Tour” in Beijing on 26 February. After Beijing, Parker will head to Shanghai on 1 March followed by a stint in Hong Kong from 4-6 March. Designed to “excite, inform and entertain”, the wines chosen for the different masterclasses […]

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• Craft Beer Now 30% of Costco’s Beer Sales

Craft Beer Now 30% of Costco’s Beer Sales

US retail giant Costo has announced that craft beer now accounts for 30% of the company’s total beer sales. Though it’s not only at Costo that craft beer is gaining shelf space – sales of micro brews are on the up in supermarkets and licquor stores in New Zealand. The New World supermarket chain has […]

• Top 10 Wine Brands

Top 10 Wine Brands

Last year’s top brand retained its leading position by some measure, however Concha y Toro’s growth easily outstripped all on the list. Once again wines from the New World are dominating the top 10 brands, highlighting the importance of strong marketing to make and maintain a global brand. Concha y Toro saw huge growth over the […]

• Dude, Leave it to California…Cannabis Cabernet. Double High!

Dude, Leave it to California…Cannabis Cabernet. Double High!

Wines fermented with weed were a novelty in the early 1980s, but now quite a few California winemakers are producing cannabis cuvées on the sly—with cabernet the variety of choice. Last year, at a Burgundy dinner in New York, I was given a wine that smelled like no Burgundy I’d ever encountered. Instead, it had […]

• Not your grandfather’s grappa

Not your grandfather’s grappa

If you think of grappa as a harsh after-dinner drink you have to swill down quickly as a shot, it’s time to re-explore this distilled spirit, made from the pomace of wine grapes. New World producers are refining the spirit into something wholly enjoyable and diverse, an effective digestif that can also be paired throughout […]

• Argentina needs to “focus on whites”

Argentina needs to “focus on whites”

Argentina needs to start focusing more on its white wines, according to one of the country’s top producers. Alberto Arizu of Bodega Luigi Bosca believes there is a real opportunity for high-end white blends in Argentina, and Chardonnay from the Uco Valley. Speaking at a lunch hosted by Bancroft Wines at Gaucho in Piccadilly, Arizu […]

• Mourvèdre: A wine whose time has come

Mourvèdre: A wine whose time has come

I’M ALWAYS on the lookout for the next big thing in the wine world. It might be something that magically captures the fancy of consumers — such as Prosecco and Moscato d’Asti have this summer — or a trend that suddenly crops up among winemakers. Hold your breath no longer, here it is: Mourvèdre. Now, […]

• Can China Sell Wine to India?

Can China Sell Wine to India?

China isn’t world-renowned for winemaking and India isn’t known as a nation of wine drinkers, yet these two markets are playing an increasingly prominent role in the industry. As incomes increase and the middle class expands, wine is growing in popularity in both countries. According to a Vinexpo/International Wines and Spirits Record study, India will […]

• German beer dead? Not so much!

German beer dead? Not so much!

It’s become fashionable in American beer-geek circles to talk about the dire state of beer in Germany. The story is usually based on this fact: Germans are drinking less beer, about 101 liters per capita last year, down from more than 130 liters in the mid-1990s. The story usually then leaps to questionable assumptions about […]

• In London April 6? Don’t miss the Big Fortified Tasting

In London April 6? Don’t miss the Big Fortified Tasting

This year’s Big Fortified Tasting will offer a wider range of wines representing 22 winemaking regions and promises to be the most comprehensive fortified wine tasting in the world. Taking place on Wednesday 6 April in London’s Glaziers Hall, the tasting, now in its second year, will include an extensive selection of wines from Portugal […]

• Is Zinfandel a serious wine?

Is Zinfandel a serious wine?

“I knew there would be some grumbling over this past Sunday’s Thirst column on Zinfandel — when you suggest that someone’s favorite wine has gone downscale, there’s likely to be that reaction. To be sure, I got a note from one of California’s one-time top Zin producers exhorting me to “adapt a broader approach and […]

• Winemaker of the Year: Congrats Ted Lemon of Littorai Wines

Winemaker of the Year: Congrats Ted Lemon of Littorai Wines

Photo: Littorai Winery The simple version of Ted Lemon’s story: Young American goes to Burgundy. Becomes first American to run a Burgundian wine estate. Comes back and stays true to Pinot’s motherland.That would be the easy version, but it misses a crucial fact. For a quarter-century, Lemon has been hunting along the remote California coast, […]

• Part 1: One Best Type of Wine From Each of 6 Winemaking Countries

Part 1: One Best Type of Wine From Each of 6 Winemaking Countries

To make a stab at the impossible is also to be a bit cheeky, right? Let’s do both. In this and next week’s columns, I’m going to pick the one best type of wine from each of 12 countries. The one wine. And I’ll explain why each deserves its rank. This week, six from what […]

• Wines of Chile targets 2020 to be #1 in New World sales

Wines of Chile has developed a new strategy that it hopes will make it the number one producer of sustainable and diverse premium wine in the New World by 2020. By doing so it anticipates doubling sales to US $3billion by growing, on average, 9.5% in value every year for the next 10 years driven […]