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• The Maturing of China’s Wine Industry

The Maturing of China’s Wine Industry

China’s wine industry, and its citizens’ appreciation of wine, has come a long way since the days when sweet and fruity “half-juice wine” would be served at state banquets and diplomatic dinners. Today, not only are Chinese drinking better, they are also drinking more. So much so that China is being blamed for the deepest […]

• Silver Heights…New Artisanal Chinese Boutique “Micro-Winery”

Silver Heights…New Artisanal Chinese Boutique “Micro-Winery”

Young Company Has Current Annual Capacity Of 10,000 Bottles. Recently referred to as “a hard-working woman who knows how to make wine” by the Chinese writer and critic Chantal Chi, Silver Heights proprietor Emma Gao (高源) is one of a small but dedicated group of winemakers creating artisanal Chinese wine that goes against the country’s reputation for […]