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• Top Cheap Beer :(

Top Cheap Beer :(

“By popular demand, our topic today is beer, cheap beer. Some of you may be wondering whether the subject under discussion might be better off beneath discussion. Such concerns are not to be pooh-poohed; most conversations about cheap beer employ the word “rank” strictly as an adjective. And yet the theme of cheap beer abounds […]

• Olde English 800 tops list as the worst beer EVER

Olde English 800 tops list as the worst beer EVER

Hear ye, hear ye.  Olde English 800 has been dubbed the worst beer, ever. Thousands of beer fans voted on the nastiest tasting brews and the malt liquor has been declared the foulest, according to data compiled by Ratebeer.com. Critics from all over the world seemed to take pleasure in denigrating the Miller-Coors product as […]