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• Wine Flavor Affected by Stink Bugs

Wine Flavor Affected by Stink Bugs

The Asian brown marmorated stink bug that has caused damage to numerous crops is now a concern to wineries in Virginia, Oregon, Washington and California. The stink bugs were first found in the United States in Allentown, Pa., in the late 1990s. Native to China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan; the stink bugs have no natural […]

• Ugh. Eastern Vineyards Confront New Pest

Ugh. Eastern Vineyards Confront New Pest

First it was the multi-colored Asian lady beetle (MALB) invading Eastern vineyards and imparting a nasty flavor to the wines. Now it’s a stink bug from China. The East has always had several kinds of native stink bugs that have co-existed with orchards and vineyards without causing any major problems, mostly because these half-inch long, […]