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• Notorious Belfast prison reinvented as distillery

Notorious Belfast prison reinvented as distillery

A notorious Belfast prison that held Irish Republican Army inmates during the worst of the city’s sectarian strife is to be transformed into a Whiskey distillery as Northern Ireland tries to reinvent itself and its struggling economy. A wing of the Victorian-era Crumlin Road prison, which closed in 1996, will house the first whiskey production […]

• Iowa: Microdistillery trend poses potential solid growth industry

Iowa: Microdistillery trend poses potential solid growth industry

LECLAIRE — Two brothers and a custom-built German still are behind Iowa’s newest microdistillery, opening recently in LeClaire and a symbol of what many think could be a solid growth industry for the state. “We kept waiting for someone to tell us ‘You’re crazy,’ especially the banks,” Ryan Burchett said. He and his brother, Garrett, […]

• Rhode Island's Colorful Prohibition Past

Rhode Island's Colorful Prohibition Past

It was called the Noble Experiment by those who believed in it, the Great Illusion by the others. Prohibition was something Rhode Island lived with and largely ignored during the Twenties. Anyone wanting a nip did not go thirsty. Enforcement was, by and large, laughable and the law led to a sickening amount of corruption […]

• Do Dems or Repubs buy more wine? Election prediction based on wine sales

Do Dems or Repubs buy more wine? Election prediction based on wine sales

It’s the job of pollsters to predict how voters will cast their ballots. As each election approaches, millions of dollars are spent on this endeavor, which includes a wealth of complicated methodology. Usually it works, but sometimes the results are embarrassingly inaccurate. Loren Shanle has a simpler approach. He sells Republican and Democratic wine at […]

• Michigan Governor Vetoes Bills on Liquor Sales, Schools

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm vetoed a bill Tuesday that would have allowed Sunday morning liquor sales and another measure spelling out how $316 million in federal money should be spent on public schools. She said the liquor bill could open the state to a costly lawsuit while the schools bill could have jeopardized the federal […]

• Washington State: Booze Clues for the Two Liquor initiatives

The two liquor initiatives on the ballot are way more mysterious than they seem. Do you want to be able to buy Jack Daniels at the grocery store or not? It seems simple, but the two initiatives posing this question on the November ballot are more complex than they seem. Both initiatives — 1100 and […]

• Wilder endorses Virginia gov's bid to privatize liquor

Democratic former Gov. Douglas L. Wilder on Friday endorsed Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell’s bid to put Virginia’s state-owned liquor business in private hands. Wilder, the governor from 1990 to 1994, said the question is whether selling booze should be a function of government. “I think that government has sufficient legitimate calls made upon it to […]

• Virginia private booze plan advances; revenue shrinks

Gov. Bob McDonnell’s bid to auction off the state government’s monopoly on liquor received the blessing of his hand-picked panel Thursday even as its proposed revenue yield shrank from changes sought by small retailers and restaurateurs. The administration also backed off the Republican governor’s earlier intent to call a special late fall legislative session to […]

• Governor Schwarzenegger signed two wine-related measures

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed two wine-related measures authored by State Senator Patricia Wiggins (D – Santa Rosa). Senate Bill 806, which goes into effect January 1, allows for the return of wine taken out-of-state where the wine was purchased from a holder of a beer and wine wholesaler’s license or an off-sale retail license […]

• Alcohol Lobby Now Openly Spending Against CA's Legal Pot Initiative in Alliance with Police Industrial Complex

Big Alcohol’s decision to squash marijuana law reform to protect its bottom line is simply politics as usual. It is said that politics makes strange bedfellows, but there are arguably few stranger than the emerging alliance between two of California’s most powerful political players: the police-industrial complex and Big Alcohol. Campaign finance reports from the […]

• No essence of politics goes into this Alaska Cocktail

No essence of politics goes into this Alaska Cocktail

“As summer wanes and the first cool weather appears, I’ve already switched to an autumn cocktail. My new favorite: an early-20th-century classic named the Alaska cocktail. Now, just because I’ll be writing about the Alaska cocktail does not mean I will start off with a Sarah Palin joke. For instance, I will not say that, […]

• America's weirdest government monopoly

America's weirdest government monopoly

ONE OF the more interesting, though perhaps less significant, fault lines between social conservatism and economic conservatism is the peculiar issue of state liquor monopolies. There are nine states in the union where the government maintains a direct monopoly on the sale of hard liquor. These lonely outposts of American socialism are not the country’s […]

• Why the November Election Matters to the Wine Industry

Why the November Election Matters to the Wine Industry

The upcoming November 2nd election is among the most important for the American wine industry in a very long time. Two issues should be watched closely by the wine, beer and spirits industry: 1) the outcome of the race for control of the House of Representatives and 2) the outcome of Initiative 1100 in Washington […]

• Economist Antony Davies debunks arguments against liquor sale privatization

Based on studies he has done regarding the privatization of alcoholic beverage sales in other states, Duquesne University economist Antony Davies concludes that “the major opposition surrounds the social impact of privatizing alcohol. The conventional wisdom would say if you privatize alcohol, the state loses control, and you will see more social problems associated with […]