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• Washington State: Costco’s liquor initiative qualifies for the ballot

Washington State: Costco’s liquor initiative qualifies for the ballot

A ballot measure sponsored by Costco Wholesale Corp. that would privatize Washington state liquor stores will appear on the fall ballot. Secretary of State Sam Reed announced Wednesday that backers of Initiative 1183 gathered enough valid signatures for the measure to go to the voters. I-1183 would close state liquor stores and sell the assets, […]

• How To Start Your Very Own Liquor Brand

How To Start Your Very Own Liquor Brand

Have you ever wondered what it takes to start your own liquor brand? Needless to say, news of  reality star Bethenny Frankel selling her Skinny Girl margarita company for over $100 million and reports that Diddy’s Ciroc deal composes much of his net worth has certainly peaked the interest of many a budding entrepreneur. It […]

• Washington state: Liquor privatization bill passes Senate panel

Washington state: Liquor privatization bill passes Senate panel

A measure that could begin the process of getting Washington state out of the liquor business was approved by a state Senate panel on Wednesday. The Ways and Means Committee passed Senate Bill 5942, which directs the state to seek private sector proposals for operating the liquor distribution system. The Liquor Control Board would then […]

• Details of Costco’s Olympia liquor privatization push

As we reported yesterday, Costco is cueing up a liquor privatization bill in Olympia. We have since spoken with Costco about the proposal. The bill is similar to I-1100, the liquor initiative that failed last year, in that the three-tiered regulatory setup would be dismantled. For example, retailers could buy directly from distilleries and retailers […]

• Ballot Measures a Mixed Bag for ABC Privatization

Though ABC privatization wasn’t on the ballot in Virginia this week, election results in two other states bring a mix of good and bad news to supporters of Gov. McDonnell’s plan to end the state’s archaic liquor monopoly. First, the bad news from Washington State is that voters rejected two separate ballot measures that would […]

• Virginia: Political realities of ABC privatization

The decision last week by Gov. Bob McDonnell to call off the special session on government reform was a sensible and pragmatic response to the political realities of ABC privatization. However, it does not mean that efforts to privatize ABC stores will not continue – because this idea of government getting out of the commercial […]

• Virginia private booze plan advances; revenue shrinks

Gov. Bob McDonnell’s bid to auction off the state government’s monopoly on liquor received the blessing of his hand-picked panel Thursday even as its proposed revenue yield shrank from changes sought by small retailers and restaurateurs. The administration also backed off the Republican governor’s earlier intent to call a special late fall legislative session to […]

• Virginia: Private liquor taxes to soar

Salem resident Allen Key knows his liquor. He has the gravelly voice that’s testament to 45 years of drinking the hard stuff. Key, 61, worked for decades in lumber and steel. He jokes that he decided it was time to put all his drinking experience to more profitable use. So he went into the booze […]

• DISCUS trashes Marin Institute push against Control State privatisation

DISCUS trashes Marin Institute push against Control State privatisation

The Distilled Spirits Council of the US (DISCUS) has dismissed a claim made by the Marin Institute that proposals to privatise alcohol retailing systems in Control States represent “Big Alcohol’s (attempts) to increase profit margins by ripping off public revenues”. The alcohol industry watchdog has this week released a report entitled ‘Control State Politics: Big […]

• More on the 2 Washington State Liquor Initiatives Both Supported & Opposed by Beer & Wine Sellers

As if the initiatives to privatize state-controlled liquor sales weren’t already complicated, booze sellers have now lined up on both sides of the fight. I-1100 and I-1105, which would put state liquor stores out of business, are backed by the fat wallets of beer and wine retailers and distributors hoping to cash in on a […]

• Washington: Beer Law – The Big Battle Over Initiative 1100 & 1105

Washington: Beer Law – The Big Battle Over Initiative 1100 & 1105

Say goodbye to State stores? Maybe. New fights on the 1100/1105 front. Well, its getting even more interesting. The battle over Washington State Initiatives 1100 & 1105 is heating up, more and more, each and every day. In case you don’t know, Initiative 1100 was introduced back in June 2010 to privatize liquor sales in […]

• Economist Antony Davies debunks arguments against liquor sale privatization

Based on studies he has done regarding the privatization of alcoholic beverage sales in other states, Duquesne University economist Antony Davies concludes that “the major opposition surrounds the social impact of privatizing alcohol. The conventional wisdom would say if you privatize alcohol, the state loses control, and you will see more social problems associated with […]