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• How Bordeaux Dupes Négociants and Even Mr. Parker

How Bordeaux Dupes Négociants and Even Mr. Parker

Bordeaux still operates under a culture of omertà, according to one of the region’s most respected producers. Speaking at a dinner in London organised by Bordeaux specialist merchant EFWines, Jean-Michel Laporte, director of Château La Conseillante in Pomerol, told the drinks business: “There are winemakers who are real liars in the region that haven’t been outed […]

• Beaujolais grows up

Beaujolais grows up

In 2001, wine from the French region of Beaujolais went unwanted. Now, its 2009 and 2010 wines are coveted. As this country’s wine tastes shift away from bombast toward more balanced efforts, let’s imagine we could reduce that trend to a single wine from a single place. This wouldn’t be a wine made to floor […]

• Uh oh. Global warming in Champagne too warm for Pinot Meunier

Uh oh. Global warming in Champagne too warm for Pinot Meunier

Champagne is getting too warm for Pinot Meunier, according to a number of growers in the region. Jean-Hervé Chiquet, co-owner of Champagne Jacquesson, told the drinks business of his concerns for the black grape: “Because of the effects of global warming raising average temperatures, Champagne is becoming too warm for Pinot Meunier. “As a result, […]

• Premier crus return to Beaujolais

Premier crus return to Beaujolais

The potential of Beaujolais’ crus and terroirs and the return of “lieux-dits” has tempted Burgundian producer Vincent Girardin to purchase an estate in the region. La Tour du Bief, which dates back to the Middle Ages and is located in Chénas, includes some of the best vineyard plots in nearby Moulin à Vent. Speaking to […]

• Kickass Wine Regions You’d Never Expect

Kickass Wine Regions You’d Never Expect

It’s easy to be blinded by the stars. In the world of wine, you might argue that this is especially true, where the superstar regions of France, Italy, California, and such reign over the market like an “A” crowd of popular high school jocks and cheerleaders. But what about the industry’s other, lesser-known wine-producing regions, […]

• Do you know more than a Brit about wine?

Do you know more than a Brit about wine?

Britons may be the second-biggest consumers of wine in the world but they’re comparatively uninformed when it comes to wine knowledge, a survey shows. Many are confused about the difference between the grape and the region a wine comes from, The Daily Telegraph said Friday. More than half of Britons think Chablis is a type […]