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• Details of Costco’s Olympia liquor privatization push

As we reported yesterday, Costco is cueing up a liquor privatization bill in Olympia. We have since spoken with Costco about the proposal. The bill is similar to I-1100, the liquor initiative that failed last year, in that the three-tiered regulatory setup would be dismantled. For example, retailers could buy directly from distilleries and retailers […]

• Colo governor accused of siding with former industry in rules tiff

Convenience store owners are accusing Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper of siding with restaurants and craft brewers in a dispute over testing beer for alcohol content. A trade group representing convenience stores accuses Hickenlooper, a former restaurant owner and micro-brewer, of “backroom cronyism” because state regulators eliminated a rule that would have required all brewers and […]

• Consumer-Direct eCommerce by Foreign Imports? Problem Solved!

Consumer-Direct eCommerce by Foreign Imports? Problem Solved!

The Challenge: Access to the U.S. Consumer Even while the U.S. wine market is growing opportunities for imports continue to shrink. Mergers among wholesale distributors have reduced their number by 75% over the last 30 years. Today, the 10 largest distributors control 58% of the U.S. market. Big box and national retail chain stores dominate […]