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• 20 Craft Beers To Drink During The NFL Playoffs

20 Craft Beers To Drink During The NFL Playoffs

Because your team will likely lose. But drink up! The NFL playoffs begin this weekend and run until the Super Bowl on February 3. First off, sorry Giants and Lions fans. Your return ticket to the postseason was apparently lost in the mail. But we’re sure some of you are planning to watch these athletic contests, hopefully […]

• No! Dogfish Head pulling out of RI

No! Dogfish Head pulling out of RI

Everyone who enjoys good beer knows that Dogfish Head has been growing like gangbusters over the past few years. The Delaware brewer’s 60 Minute IPA is one of the most popular — and one of the best — India pale ales on the market. In fact, the company doesn’t make a mediocre beer; Squall, Burton […]

• Rhode Island's Colorful Prohibition Past

Rhode Island's Colorful Prohibition Past

It was called the Noble Experiment by those who believed in it, the Great Illusion by the others. Prohibition was something Rhode Island lived with and largely ignored during the Twenties. Anyone wanting a nip did not go thirsty. Enforcement was, by and large, laughable and the law led to a sickening amount of corruption […]