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• Purim Themed Cocktails Including The Hammered Taschen

Purim Themed Cocktails Including The Hammered Taschen

“With most parties I throw I like to have a featured drink in addition to the normal beer, wine, and soda offering. What I have learned though is that the featured drink really must be made in bulk because you’ll be pinned to the bar making drink after drink if you plan to make them […]

• Don’t Try This At Home: Distiller Blows Off Side Of House

Don’t Try This At Home: Distiller Blows Off Side Of House

Farmer Otto Guggenmaier, 56, is recovering after his home-made schnapps still exploded with a blast so powerful it ripped the wall off his house. The farmer – who ran a distillery to boost business in Entschendorf, Austria – was adjusting the still when it blew up, showering him with boiling schnapps. Paramedic Johann Kains said: […]

• Hitler wine sales deemed legal in Austria

Hitler wine sales deemed legal in Austria

Officials say they have stopped investigating a man after finding no evidence that his sales of wine and schnapps with Adolf Hitler on the label were breaking a law against glorifying the Nazi era. State prosecution official Heinz Rusch says the investigation has ended because of lack of proof the man broke that law. The […]

• Pharrell explains his milkshake

Pharrell explains his milkshake

Do women really need a low-calorie way to get drunk? Like those great entrepreneurs of libation Francis Ford Coppola and Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams is now in the business of helping you get your drink on. But this one goes out just to the ladies. The multi-hyphenate singer, producer and clothing mogul last week celebrated […]

• More deliciousness: House-Infused Libations

More deliciousness: House-Infused Libations

When it comes to crafting cocktails, restaurants often have an advantage: With a fully stocked kitchen on the premises, there’s no limit to ingredients to whisk into delectable drinks, borrowing from seasonal produce and flirting with dishes prepared for the plate. Physically distilling booze, though, is illegal without the proper license. House mixologists can dream […]