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• Wonder if there are GMO foods in your alcoholic beverages?

Wonder if there are GMO foods in your alcoholic beverages?

“So I started thinking about the latest information and legislation about GMO foods and wondered about the exemption on alcoholic beverages in the proposed bill in CA. “Californians set to vote on bill requiring labeling of genetically modified foods” But not everything is covered. For example, milk and dairy products made from cows that are […]

• French Activists Destroy Experimental Vineyard

French Activists Destroy Experimental Vineyard

“Reapers” target genetically modified vines; Researchers try to educate wary French public about the benefits of research. The attack came at dawn and was swift. On Aug. 15, around 70 members of a French environmentalist group known as Les Faucheurs Volontaires—”the Voluntary Reapers”—infiltrated an experimental vineyard in Colmar, France, digging up and hacking apart some […]

• Militants destroy GMO research vines in France

Militants opposed to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have destroyed a plantation of GM vines at a leading French research centre in Alsace.