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• Kosher beer not for Passover but that’s only 8 days

Kosher beer not for Passover but that’s only 8 days

As Easter approaches, Aecht Schlenkerla Fastenbier (or Lent beer) from Germany’s Brauerei Heller-Trum would be a perfectly fitting beer to enjoy during this last week of Lenten season. However, with Passover looming as well, it would be much more fun to discuss, not to mention, drink, beer from the much more accessible (in the States, […]

• Shmaltzy talk of Jewbelation Fourteen

Shmaltzy talk of Jewbelation Fourteen

Some beers are simple. You can brew a great pilsner, for instance, using only a single type of malt and one hop variety. Other beers are almost absurdly complex. In that category would be Jewbelation Fourteen, which claims to be brewed from 14 malts (including flaked quinoa, spelt and oats) and 14 hops. Jewbelation Fourteen, […]