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• 6 Misunderstood Things About Wine

6 Misunderstood Things About Wine

If you drink wine on a regular basis, you’ve probably already seen Sideways. While Sideways cultivated your love for Pinot Noir, you’ve only just come around to re-appreciate Merlot. As it happens, Merlot is pretty damn good. In the same vein, most wine aficionados know the term ‘ABC’, which means ‘Anything But Chardonnay.’ However, it’s […]

• Interview with unconventional Rex Pickett of Sideways fame

Interview with unconventional Rex Pickett of Sideways fame

California born and based Rex Pickett is the author of Sideways, the popular novel centred around the characters of Miles and Jack, who escape LA for a wine road trip around Santa Barbara before Jack gets married. The 2004 book was turned into a film the same year, which won an Oscar for Best Adapted […]

• Remember Sideways? Now onstage! Interview with Rex Pickett

Remember Sideways? Now onstage! Interview with Rex Pickett

D.R. Stewart Sideways goes upright on the Stage – Ruskin Group Theater puts up the first ever theatrical production as adapted by author Rex Pickett   photo credit: Agnes Magyari (Left to right: John Colella, Paul Denk, and Jonathan Bray The 2004 movie Sideways was a juggernaut of a film for both art and commerce. Famously […]

• Visit Cape Town wineries without leaving your desk via Google Street View

Visit Cape Town wineries without leaving your desk via Google Street View

If you’re one of the many who were inspired by the film Sideways and, upon watching it, took to the vineyards in order to commence the next affected stage of your life as a pretend wine snob, Google has got a treat for you. As Google Maps is ever expanding, taking you inside hotels and […]

• Hip-hop help sees Moscato sales soar

Hip-hop help sees Moscato sales soar

Sales of Moscato are soaring in the US as hip-hop artists continue to name-check the low alcohol sweet wine in their songs. Breaking out of its after-dinner niche, US Moscato sales grew more than 80% for the 52 weeks ending 12 November, according to Nielsen. “The last thing I can remember that shot out of […]

• California: Wine in the Pines – June 11

California: Wine in the Pines – June 11

Thanks to Sideways, we’ve all figured out how to get outta town in an hour-anna-half and drink wine in a charming environment. However, if you would like to try a different weekend that doesn’t involve being chased by a naked meth dealer (6:43 in), I suggest Wine in the Pines. Located in the Village of […]

• Exploring Chile’s burgeoning wine country

Exploring Chile’s burgeoning wine country

“I am NOT drinking any f#*!ing merlot!” A classic line delivered by Paul Giamatti’s winetastic character, Miles Raymond in the film Sideways, a movie that helped energize the global wine boom of the last decade. Miles would surely feel at home with a visit to South America’s burgeoning wine country — where there are plenty […]

• Vertical, the sequel to Sideways

Vertical, the sequel to Sideways

Miles and Jack are back. It’s seven years later. Miles has written a novel that has been made into a wildly successful movie, and the movie has changed his life. jack, contrarily, is divorced, has a kid, and is on the skids. Phyllis, Miles’s mom, has suffered a stroke that’s left her wheel-chair bound and […]

• Sideways Goes Vertical

Sideways Goes Vertical

“Sideways” writer Rex Picket on his sequel to the smash book and movie. “Sideways,” released in 2004, is arguably the most influential wine-themed film in American history. It grossed $250 million, damaged Merlot’s reputation with a single line, and people are still debating whether the film alone caused Pinot Noir sales to spike, or was merely […]