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• United States of Craft Beer: Guide to Best U.S. Watering Holes

United States of Craft Beer: Guide to Best U.S. Watering Holes

“The United States is now the undisputed beer capital of the world, home to the most vibrant beer culture anywhere.” Thus has spoken the oracle; the beer oracle, that is, Garrett Oliver, brewmaster of the Brooklyn Brewery and editor of the massive “The Oxford Companion to Beer,” in the foreword to

• 7 New Napa Valley Pioneers

7 New Napa Valley Pioneers

Named “Napa” by the area’s native Wappo Indians for its abundant natural resources, this fertile valley boasts a long list of dedicated pioneers. The first was George Calvert Yount who, nearly 190 years ago, established the region’s first homestead and planted its very first grapevines. The Napa Valley pioneers of today are leaders—not only in […]

• Go to Yale, Become a Bartender

Go to Yale, Become a Bartender

Cocktail consultant, mixologist and self-proclaimed “professional drinker” Allen Katz told Yale students the secret to becoming a skilled bartender Tuesday: Drink a lot and take pleasure in tasting different alcohols. The Yale Sustainable Food Project, along with the Branford College Master’s Office, co-sponsored a master’s tea and a later cocktail tasting with Katz, the director […]

• Five 'must-haves' to make professional cocktails at home

Five 'must-haves' to make professional cocktails at home

The slow food, locavore movement coupled with economic uncertainty has helped create an increase in at-home entertaining. Here are five tips to take your home bar to the next level. Here are five ‘must-haves’ to bring trendy lounge drinks home: 1. Herb and botanical-based liqueurs: like Campari, Chartreuse and St-Germain 2. Hand-held citrus juicer 3. […]