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• Mocktail Recipes for All the Poor Schmoes Doing Drynuary

Mocktail Recipes for All the Poor Schmoes Doing Drynuary

Blog by: Troy Patterson is Slate‘s writer at large and writes the Gentleman Scholar column. I gather that some of you are taking the first month of the year off from drinking, and I think that’s cute. This practice—known by the cumbersome portmanteau Drynuary—has gained sufficient popularity to rate as a kind of ritual, and […]

• Ready to RUMble?

Ready to RUMble?

Hawaii has the sugar cane. This we know. And it would follow, Rum. But, those same folks who brought you the one crappy position for sex, have interfered with sugar’s natural progression. Apparently, the missionaries discouraged rum production on the islands for years, and the lucrative real estate market has discouraged it lately. The cost […]