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• Wine terroir goes under the microscope at UC Davis

Wine terroir goes under the microscope at UC Davis

UC Davis professor of viticulture and enology David Mills knew that he was firing a shot across the bow when he recently presented a scientific paper addressing one of wine-making’s most beloved mysteries. That mystery is the somewhat ineffable concept known as “terroir” – a French word with no English corollary – defined as a […]

• Wine’s Terroir Mysteries Yield To Science

Wine’s Terroir Mysteries Yield To Science

•  UC Davis research scores breakthrough •  “A real paradigm shift in our understanding of grape and wine production” Terroir — the name given to the unique blend of a vineyard’s soils, water and climate — sculpts the flavor and quality of wine. Now a new study led by UC Davis researchers offers evidence that […]

• Burgundy 2010 – The Terroirist’s Year

Burgundy 2010 – The Terroirist’s Year

Both David Roberts and I spent a glorious two weeks in Burgundy tasting through the 2010 wines. With a combined effort, we covered as far north as Chablis and as far south as Beaujolais (a region to pay much attention to because quality has catapulted and many wines are just fantastic value). We could not […]

• 10 Fantastic Sicilian Wines

10 Fantastic Sicilian Wines

Sicily has more vineyards than any other region in Italy; it also grows more grapes. Granted, the vast majority of those vineyards raise grapes for marsala, the sweet and dry fortified wine (originally created by a British trader in the 18th century) that’s produced in the seaside town of the same name. But in recent […]

• Premier crus return to Beaujolais

Premier crus return to Beaujolais

The potential of Beaujolais’ crus and terroirs and the return of “lieux-dits” has tempted Burgundian producer Vincent Girardin to purchase an estate in the region. La Tour du Bief, which dates back to the Middle Ages and is located in Chénas, includes some of the best vineyard plots in nearby Moulin à Vent. Speaking to […]

• NYC: Tap Wine Takes Off. Check Out These Draft Picks

NYC: Tap Wine Takes Off. Check Out These Draft Picks

There was a time when wine on tap was considered a loony West Coast notion, like est or Pinkberry. Today, we’re fairly awash in the stuff, with more on the way. “I think every new restaurant that opens will dedicate at least one beer line to wine,” predicts Terroir partner Paul Grieco, an early adopter […]

• The Rise of Regionality

The Rise of Regionality

Terrior is a concept that divides opinion. For the proponent, the term is a catchall for the environment that makes up any viticultural site. Winemakers will talk of the importance of the soil, the site of the vineyard and the microclimate of a particular area, all adding to the unique character of a wine. In […]