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• The Science of Mixing Mind-Blowing Cocktails

The Science of Mixing Mind-Blowing Cocktails

A guide from 1948 still contains the best advice about cocktail-making – but modern mixologists use plenty of 21st-century science, too. Is all that effort worth it? David E Embury was a lawyer, cocktail enthusiast and all-round stickler. Incredulous that people thought they could serve “any haphazard conglomeration of spirituous liquors, wines, bitters, fruit juices, […]

• Hot New Spring Cocktail Trends From Hot Bartenders

Hot New Spring Cocktail Trends From Hot Bartenders

A craft-cocktail movement has taken over bars in the last few years—mixologists are concocting libations with as much precision as a Five-Star chef. Farm-to-table ingredients have become even more important, and last year, the James Beard Foundation added an Outstanding Bar Program category to its annual awards, more proof that artisanal cocktails are thriving. Our […]

• Aging makes for killer cocktails

Aging makes for killer cocktails

Aged cocktails are becoming quite the thing, it seems. It’s a very interesting concept, and it’s a process that really does make a difference. As far as I can make out, Tony Conigliaro, the English bartender whose latest venture, 69 Colebrooke Row, in the Islington district of London took off the moment the doors opened, […]