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A Short Conversation Between Wine Writers About Wine as Art. Or Not.

on 25/02/11 at 11:49 am


“If there’s one thing that Twitter is good for, it’s having meta conversations quietly in a room full of people talking about something else. Yesterday I posted Gerald Asher’s keynote speech to the Symposium for Professional Wine Writers. Towards the end of that speech he said something which sparked a conversation between a few of us attendees on Twitter.

He made the statement: “I’m not very sympathetic to the world of wine criticism. It’s not like music criticism, or any of the arts” in response to my question about whether he distinguished wine writing and wine criticism.

The resulting silent conversation on Twitter was great (if I do say so myself) and reminded me of a little 21st Century virtual version of the group interviews/discussions that Harper’s Monthly occasionally publishes, where they get a bunch of really interesting people in a room and get them to talk about some topic.

Now I don’t pretend that the players involved here represent luminaries of any kind, nor do I entirely know whether you’ll find the conversation as interesting as I did, but I went to the effort of extracting it from Twitter and cleaning it up a bit for your reading pleasure.”

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