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Canadian media personality to challenge wine law

on 27/04/11 at 11:57 am


A Prohibition-era law restricting wine importation across provincial boundaries is under fire as a well-known B.C. broadcaster is planning to partake in civil disobedience to get it struck down.

Terry David Mulligan has announced that on May 13 he will challenge the law by taking B.C. wine to Alberta.

“The liquor people are just bullies,” Mulligan told The Province on Tuesday.

“If a winery has the audacity to stand up and question their law, the winery will find their bottles pulled from the shelves [of government liquor stores].”

Mulligan, who produces and hosts the show Tasting Room Radio, said he decided to take a stand at a “wine summit” during the annual Vancouver wine festival four weeks ago, which was convened to strategize how best to get the law repealed.

“There were maybe 200 people in that room,” he said. Winemakers in attendance expressed fears that they would face serious repercussions if they challenged the law, he said.

“Nobody has ever challenged this law, I’m going to challenge this law. Somebody has to do it.

“Because I don’t have connections to any one winery, they can’t beat up on a winery, so they can just beat up on me,” he said.

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