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Experts Agree: You’re Better Off Paying The Corkage And BYOB

on 12/01/11 at 12:28 pm


To avoid overpaying for wine, start by ignoring the restaurant sommelier trying to make you look like a tightwad for not falling for his upselling techniques.

Do sommeliers really try to talk diners into ordering more expensive, yet possibly mediocre wines? Of course they do. The WSJ’s On Wine column rehashes the experiences of several restaurant-goers who recall with fresh annoyance the sommelier hard sell. The most eye-opening anecdote is provided by someone who happens to be a sommelier, and who nonetheless was victimized by a push sommelier:

Bobby Stuckey, the owner and wine director of Frasca in Boulder, Colo., said the sommelier of “a very nice” New York restaurant had subjected him and his wife, Danette, to a similar sales squeeze.

“We told the sommelier that we were looking at some wines in the $80-to-$100 range, and he kept pushing $180-to-$200 wines,” Mr. Stuckey said. “Clearly the guy didn’t care about us—he just wanted to get the check average up.”

{Full story via TIME}

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