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FedEx Launches New Temperature-Controlled Shipping For Wineries

on 26/01/11 at 8:36 am


For years wineries have fretted about shipping wine during the warmer months and the potential for having it be damaged on the way. That situation may be changing as FedEx is creating an overnight temperature-controlled wine shipping solution for wineries in Northern California. Trucks that maintain a steady 55 degrees will be used to ship to FedEx hubs. The FedEx Express and Ground shipments of wine can be sent to one of about 1,700 locations for the recipient to pick up. Using the hold-at-location option will help to avoid potential security and temperature-damage issues with wine shipments left at someone’s home or business.Testing for the service was done last summer using sensors in shipping boxes to monitor temperature.

Wine Business says that the new service will serve five hubs covering 70 percent of the country with delivery by 10:30 the next morning. The new service will launch on April 1 with a northern route and May 1 with a southern route. Pricing has not been revealed yet but this is big news for some wineries who have opted not to ship in the warmer months to avoid potential damage to their prized vintages.


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