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German Pinot Noir stifled by lack of awareness

on 14/04/11 at 11:34 am


German Pinot Noir is greatly admired by sommeliers and should be promoted as the country’s second grape but is stifled by lack of consumer knowledge and limited plantings.

Iris Ellmann, managing director of the Winebarn, spoke to the drinks business and stated her belief that although Germany makes, “very good Grau and Weissburgunders, the most exciting grapes in Germany at the moment are Riesling and Pinot Noir.”

Furthermore, she said that her chief Pinot Noir clients were restaurants and some private clients who had a reasonable knowledge of German wines already. German Pinot Noirs will be promoted just as actively as Riesling during the Winebarn’s current tie-in with Harrods. (LINK)

“Sommeliers love these wines,” she said, “the quality is not below that of Burgundy and with some professional guidance people are more than happy to taste them.”

However, crucially, she did admit that “just by looking at the labels”, German Pinot was not the automatic choice of the great majority of people.

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