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Guard your cellars, baby boomers. Millenials like wine.

on 03/02/11 at 2:48 pm


It’s a Friday night and the crowd is teeming at one of the many increasingly successful wine bars spreading across the country. The steady laughter and the conversation create a vibe that would be annoying to anyone trying to carry on a serious business conversation. But no one here appears to be serious. They’re all young.

Not long ago you wouldn’t find a 20- or 30-something in a wine bar. Beer and spirits has long been the choice of young drinkers who are more happy with a Bud Lite than a California pinot noir. But here at Crush young professionals circle a Enomatic carousel of more than a dozen bottles and muse over a Santa Rita pinot noir or an Australian shiraz. Some 5-ounce pours fetch more than $20 — hardly the price of a Bud Lite.

And it’s not just about the alcohol. These young drinkers may have been having fun, but they were discussing the merits of the wine, their preferences and their knowledge. Was this the real Millennial generation or just outcasts?

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