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Maryland: Growers report best harvest ever

on 29/12/10 at 4:35 pm


The extreme weather that has hammered the region over the last year created a headache for Marylanders but created a boon for the state’s grape growers and winemakers.

Grape growers from around Maryland are reporting “one of the best harvests on record” for 2010, officials with the Maryland Wineries Association said in a statement. This year was “certainly a great year in terms of fruit quality,” said Kevin Atticks, the association’s executive director.

“No year is predictable,” Atticks said, while adding that the “quality of the grapes was way up because of the heat and lack of rainfall.”

While Richard Seibert saw roughly the same amount of grapes per acre at his winery this year as he did in 2009, he doubled the amount of acres with grapes.

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