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New Kosher Wine for Russia

on 15/03/11 at 8:43 pm


KRASNODAR, Russia – The wine-making company Slavprom (Slavyansk-on-Kuban, Krasnodar region) of Russia has produced its first batch of kosher wine. The kosher certificate was signed by Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar.

With the goal of ensuring access to locally produced kosher food for the Jewish community in Russia, one of the fastest growing wineries of the Kuban region is now producing first class kosher wine, thanks to the joint efforts of the company’s management and experts from the Kashrut Department of the Chief Rabbinate of Russia.

Slavprom’s CEO, Zhanna Belovol was approached by the Jewish community and, upon learning that kosher wine is not currently produced in Russia, advised Slavprom employees to fully cooperate with representatives of the Kashrut Department in the process of its production.

The winery was first visited by an expert on world-class kosher winemaking, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Marzel, who noted the high level of professionalism at Slavprom and praised its use of state-of-the-art Italian machinery.

Slavprom then received a delegation from the Chief Rabbinate of Russia, headed by the Director of the Kashrut Department Yosef Verzub. This process also involved the head of the certification division of the Kashrut Department, S. Dyshko, the head of control of kosher production A. Mylnikov, and a leading expert in kosher production, Kh. Lyudvipol. The chairman of the Jewish community of Krasnodar, Arye Leib Tkach, also made an invaluable contribution.

As a result, three types of kosher wines were produced: Cabernet dry red, Cabernet semi-sweet red and Isabella semi-sweet red wine. They are kosher for year-round and Passover use.


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