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Ever Been To Nova Scotia? Go For The Icewine Festival Soon

on 31/01/11 at 4:13 pm


Ice Wine Festival

It’s Ice Wine Festival – in this mother of all winters – Nova Scotians are celebrating the product of a winter grape harvest and the production of the warmest sweetest wine imaginable

Celebrated from February 3 – 13th, events are taking place at wineries, restaurants, inns and markets across Nova Scotia. For those who love winter, repeated blizzards since the first of the year have made conditions for skiing, snowmobiling and cross country skiing the best they’ve been in years and the ice wine parties and events fill out the range of activities available to make a winter getaway extraordinary.

For those who would prefer to hibernate, there is finally a reason to bundle up and face the elements for a chance to enjoy Nova Scotia’s finest wine in its true element.

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