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Preposterous. Sommeliers, Stewards Say Syrah Slow to Sell

on 02/01/11 at 12:31 pm


It seems preposterous that Syrah gets such a beating when wine industry professionals try to explain away why this particular varietal is slow to sell.  Critics and reviewers alike have recently been assigning high scores to wines made from Syrah and the quality of American Syrah has risen massively in the past decade.  Not to mention the representation from the usual strong growing regions of the Rhone, Languedoc, and Australia.  If you add to that knowledge the presence of high quality Italian Syrah being offered at reasonable prices and the Chilean and Argentinean efforts; it just does not make sense this varietal is not flying off the shelves and wine lists from restaurants and retailers.
From listening to distributors, retailers and restaurant wine sommeliers this wine takes too much time for the wine to be explained. Therefore the lazy staff decides to withhold it while making the sale of a local wine first, then a high priced Cabernet or Merlot and kudos to the wait staff and sommeliers that can pull that off year after year. Those of you in the business who do not hold the knowledge of what great bargains these Syrah wines really are, from lack of education, do yourself a favor and get out there and taste more Syrah.  You are doing a great disservice to your clients and most importantly you as an educator to your wine clients are loosing the best way to endear yourself to a guest who may be with you for years. Sell through education; I know it is a hard concept to embrace especially if EDUCATION WAS NOT YOUR THING growing up.
Grow up! If education was not your thing and you make a comfortable living; either you fell into money, grow marijuana in large quantities, or you struggle every day to stay on top of your life and keep meals on the table. You probably would not know who you are in this story if you are reading this and do not know what category you fit into which probably says you should go back to school.

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