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Sending Dog The Bounty Hunter After My Wine

on 01/02/11 at 10:55 am


“I have an appointment with the good government employees of the San Francisco ABC Office on January 31 for the very reason the Insider Blog at Wine Business pointed out earlier today…a winery on Zinfandel Lane in St. Helena has 4 tons of what was Thomson Vineyards 2009 Chardonnay, they won’t give it back, they won’t return any wine to me, and I haven’t seen a dime of the $10k it’s worth.

I need a Type 29 License, to get that ’09 Chardonnay legally transferred into my possession, that is after I play Dog The Bounty Hunter, roll up to the winery’s neatly manicured lawns and go outlaw on their a$$e$. It’s been a long time coming anyhow to apply for the licensing and take being a Wine Grower one step further so I’m not totally put out…

What I am put out by is that California Wine Growers extend credit year in and year out sans credit, background or blood type check to big wineries and small while credit and financing institutions across the US make it more and more difficult every day to secure business financing, raise interest rates and enforce stricter penalty laws on businesses of all kinds, yet there is not one venue available to Wine Growers to run a “credit check” on a winery.”

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