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Tchelistcheff nephew to make documentary on great-uncle André

on 03/04/11 at 11:16 am


The Maestro - Andre Tchelistcheff – The Voice of Wine

As a teenager, Mark Tchelistcheff spent a lot of time with his great-uncle André racing around Napa Valley in a flaming yellow 240Z. The fact that this particular great uncle was an icon of winemaking had little or no effect on the boy.

“If you’re a kid and you’re related to a movie star or someone famous, you don’t necessarily know who they are,” Tchelistcheff recalled. “You know him as ‘my great uncle.’ I didn’t realize what a rock star, so to speak, he was in the wine industry and how much respect he had and how people listened to him. I got to ride around in his fast little yellow car!”

Decades later, the 46-year-old Tchelistcheff is immersed in a project aimed at telling the world the story of this great uncle André Tchelistcheff. An accomplished producer and filmmaker, the younger Tchelistcheff is working on a feature-length documentary film titled “The Maestro — André Tchelistcheff — The Voice of Wine.”

“André’s story, regardless of whether he is my great uncle or not, is an amazing story. It’s an epic story,” Tchelistcheff said. “I think this is a film and a story that has to be told.”

{Full story via Napa Valley Register}

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